Hello, commercial real estate professionals! BOMA 2022  is right around the corner, and the TrustLayer team is excited to be a part of the event. BOMA 2022  is one of the most valuable events in the commercial real estate industry that presents practical tips for managing specific types of facilities, projects, teams, and the tools necessary to maximize your property's performance. The TrustLayer team is ready to meet with leaders from every corner of the industry to find new business opportunities and strengthen partnerships.

TrustLayer specializes in third-party insurance verification and compliance tracking.  With TrustLayer, companies can securely automate the verification of insurance, licenses, and compliance documents of their business partners (i.e., vendors, subcontractors, suppliers, tenants), which reduces administrative burden and financial & operational risk.

How TrustLayer can help


Streamline tennant & vendor risk management

Third-party risk transfer is time-consuming and complicated. You don't have enough time to worry about it.

Learn how our solution automates the process of COI collection, verification, and tracking, saving your team time and keeping your third parties compliant.

Customize document collection for each type of contractor 

The TrsutLayer platform allows you to design as many risk profiles as you need to meet your unique company policies.

We understand that compliance requirements vary based on the type, location, size of third parties, and the projects they are involved in. Once you set them up, automation will do its magic - collect, verify, and check documents against risk profiles.

Reduce cost 5-02

Reduce operational & financial cost

Are all your vendors and tenants currently insured and properly credentialed? It’s quite costly and difficult to monitor all of this information, but the cost spikes even higher when an incident happens.

Prevent your business from costly claims by staying up-to-date with the compliance documentation, and save hours of time by incorporating TrustLayer's automation into your workflow. 

What our customers say

The TrustLayer platform has made the process of compiling insurance information for our vendors very efficient. It streamlined how we contact vendors and created one space for housing certificates and all the necessary documents we keep for our vendors, including contracts and W9.

Bri Veasey, Accounting Manager Grenadier Homes

Bri Veasey

Managing vendors, contracts, and proofs of insurance is an arduous task. Each of El Ad’s real estate development projects has 300 to 400 vendors. Using their automated collaborative risk management solution, TrustLayer was able to address my key pain points.

Courtney Osborne, VP, Insurance & Risk Management EL Ad US Holdings

Courtney Osborne-1

TrustLayer is very user-friendly. I can see quickly who is compliant and who isn't when I am reviewing a project for a Project Manager when they call. I can easily find who may be available with adequate insurance in their area. I can organize and sort my information in a way that is best for the exact question at hand.

Bri Souder, Certificate Compliance Specialist PayneWest Insurance

Bri Souder

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